About us

Global l.c.s Ltd is a privately owned, international company specializes in developing, manufacturing and processing of Aluminum profiles.

We specialize in Aluminum Profiles tailor–made to customer's specifications such as HighTech, Medical Equipment, Defense, Aerospace, Furniture, Automotive, Signage, Retail, Heat Sinks, balustrades, and all standard shapes like angles, flat bars, tubes, and more.
Our Value
  • No-minimum order service.
  • Quick lead-time.
  • Flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Strict Quality control system.
  • Competitive prices
  • Wide rang of applications.
  • Sophisticated integrated technologies.
  • Full fabrication up to a finished product.
  • Cost saving.
We export about 30% of our products to:

USA, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Italy and other countries around the globe.

Our technical experts are always available and we invite you to involve us in any product development, in order to provide you with cost effective solution to your bespoke profiles.
Please contact us whatever your needs, our professional and friendly customer's service is available to meet your requirements